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My contributions to a collaborative suite of 100 drawings made by 10 artists. The premise was to explore the range of processes, aesthetics and possibilities of drawing given a minimal set of guidelines.

• 10 artists each made a series of 10 drawings
• Each drawing was made within a 10cm x 10cm square
• Each drawing was centered on a 10′’ x 10′’ sheet of paper

The resulting drawings were shared as 10 image photo sets via tumblr, over the course of 10 sequential days. Each daily post featured one image from each of the participating artists.

Photo sets can be seen here

Jacob van Loon | Fatma Al-Remaihi | Tassia BianchiniRobert Malte Engelsmann | Matt Niebuhr | Michael Canich I Andi Baumgartner | Christian Villacillo | Kevin Townsend

Curated by Kevin Townsend