Ryan Tippery


My name is Ryan Tippery. I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist, currently focusing on abstraction. I have a deep interest in exploring psychology through art, specifically attempting to unify two contrasting ways of thought; rational and intuitive.

Intuition has been with us since the dawn of human consciousness. It is our first reaction, our chaotic, nonlinear, unrestrained self. The rational part of our mind is much more closely related to academics. It is analytical, linear, clean and orderly. My goal is to unite these two ways of thought and present them visually to expose how they work hand in hand while also emphasizing their stark contrast.

I feel that all art acts as a container for emotion; it is how we as creative people let out built up feelings. Each piece that we create, whether we intend it or not, acts as a vessel. It holds the emotion and thoughts we were experiencing at the time of its creation. I share my work in hopes that when others look at it, it might trigger an emotion that they connect with, even if they do not understand how or why.